The Green Man Pub & Restaurant

Our Story

Welcome to Our Story 

Thank you for visiting our website. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share a little about myself, Jack, the business owner, and my deep connection to our village and The Green Man. 

Generational Roots 

For over three generations, my family has been rooted in this area. Hailing from a line of local farmers in Lullington, our ties to the land run deep. Currently, my cousin manages the farm, continuing the legacy. 

A Rebirth of Hospitality 

In 1992, our family made a decision that would shape our journey. We reopened The Green Man after a period of closure, and my parents quickly became beloved members of our community. Many of you may already know them. 

Childhood Memories 

During that time, my younger sister was born, and some of my most precious memories were forged in those early years spent at the pub. However, as my brother’s arrival approached, our family faced a difficult decision, and we had to move away. Despite the change, all three of us attended the village primary school, weaving our lives deeper into the fabric of this community. 

Global Horizons 

In the years that followed, I embarked on a journey of discovery within the world of hospitality. From 4* and 5* hotels across the globe, I immersed myself in diverse cultures and experiences. Yet, when the pandemic hit, everything shifted. 

A Return and a Calling 

My family and I returned to the UK, and I was presented with a remarkable opportunity. I joined the team responsible for relaunching Birmingham’s renowned Grand Hotel. But within all the excitement, a calling beckoned me home. 

A Passion Rekindled 

When news reached me of the plans to revitalise and develop The Green Man, I instantly knew I had to be part of it. This project holds immense significance for me and my family, as it spans over three decades and carries the potential to breathe new life into our revered pub. 

So, with genuine enthusiasm, I eagerly look forward to welcoming you all to the newly revitalised Green Man. Together, we’ll create a space where cherished memories are made, where laughter and warmth fill the air, and where our community thrives.  Comment end